Nineve Florette

One-eyed knight guardian of the Ruby Temple.


Nineve is a striking woman of tall, powerful build. Though her face is one of refined nobility, with high cheekbones, narrow nose, and full lips, it is marred by a long scar over and under her left eye, which itself is covered by an eyepatch. Under her impressive, (and almost always) gleaming armor, her skin is a patchwork of scars earned through countless battles. The rare moments when she is not wearing it, her scars are displayed openly and proudly. Her dark hair is usually conservatively bound away from her face to not impede her in combat.

Nineve Florette, Knight 10, Worshiper of Wee Jas
Medium Humanoid (Human), 5’9", 150 lbs
STR: 20 | DEX: 14 | CON: 20 | INT: 13 | WIS: 10 | CHA: 18

HP: 150
AC: 27
Initiative: +2

Fort: 10 | Ref: 6 | Will: 10
CMA: +15
CMD: 27 (29 vs. grappling)

Akasha’s Bastard Sword | 18/13 atk (10 BAB, 5 Str, 1 W. Focus, 2 enchantment) | 1d10+7 dmg (1d10+11 with Power Attack) | 19-20/2x
+ least gem of lifedrinking

Heavy Mace | 15 atk | 1d8+4 | 19-20/2x

Ruby Temple Dagger (masterwork) | 15 atk | 1d4+4

Eladrin Gauntlet| 12 Ranged Touch att (+10 BAB, +2 Dex) | 1d12 dmg

Other Equipment

Climb +8 | Diplomacy +11 | Handle Animal +11 | Intimidate +15 | Knowledge (Nobility) +6 | Knowledge (Religion) +7 | Perform (Oratory) +12 | Ride + 10

+2 to Bluff and Diplomacy vs. Citizens of Istivin.

Exotic Weapon (bastard sword) | Weapon Focus (bastard sword) | Mounted Combat | Iron Will | Combat Expertise | Power Attack | Improved Disarm | Cleave | Great Fortitude

Special Abilities
Knight’s Code, Knight’s Challenge +2, Bulwark of Defense, Shield Block +1, Vigilant Defender, Armor Mastery (heavy), Test of Mettle, Call to Battle, Ritual of the Confessor, Ritual of Divine Presence, Ritual of the Lady’s Favor, Improved Veteran’s Opening, Stern Blade of Justice 9/day, Lesser Ward (Fire, Sonic).


The third child and only daughter of a disgraced noble family, Nineve never lost the spoiled (often petulant) and haughty attitude. Familial aspirations for wealth and power brought about the decline of her ideal childhood, and when murder and questionable uses of the arcane was thrown into the mix, the Florets lost their titles and land. As a girl, Nineve idolized her grandfather, a proud knight that served the Ruby Temple as a member of the Crimson Legion, but he had been secretly murdered by her father when the elder was investigating his unorthodox magical practices.

The girl, now a young woman, sought within the Temple for a Speak With Dead with her grandfather, to learn what he could tell her of his murder. Armed with the shady information of the spirit and her own assumptions, Nineve challenged her father to a duel to the death, of which she would be victor at the cost of her eye.

When the surviving family members learned of it, they turned their backs on her, for her father was the breadwinner, even if they turned a blind eye to his wrongdoings. Destitute and seemingly friendless, Nineve turned to the Ruby Temple and offered her services as a knight guardian, following in her grandfather’s footsteps and diligently attempting to restore her own and her family’s honor. After several years of training under Arrad and playing babysitter to frail spellcasters, she was inducted into The Keepers of the Grey Covenant.

Nineve prefers the finer things in life, when possible – even in poverty, a noble. Wine over ale, spices for travel rations, and above all else, cleanliness. Her sword must be polished, her armor gleaming, and her horse properly groomed. Rather than the sweet words and kind attitudes of a well-groomed lady, Nineve often opts for more masculine traits: a commanding attitude, sharp orders, and intimidation. She has a short fuse and little patience for skulduggery, laziness, and crimes of Chaos.

After a long bought with ghoul fever, she has also taken to eating her meat rare, but spends long evening hours in prayer for her stray into such chaotic tendencies.

The recent arrival of a small parcel, the contents of which Nineve kept secret, has had a strange effect on her. To the surprise and confusion of her party members, her attitude appears to have softened and become more feminine.

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Nineve Florette

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