Xikar, Hand of Wee Jas

Travelling Cleric of the Ruby Goddess


Cleric 7 | Entropomancer 1


STR: 14 | DEX: 13 | CON: 16 | INT: 14 | WIS: 22 | CHA: 14

HP: 74 AC: 23 Touch AC 12 Flat-Footed AC: 22 Initiative: +1

Fort: 13 | Ref: 4 | Will: 12



Appraise: 5 | Diplomacy 15 | Heal 15 | Intimidate 7 | Knowledge Arcana 6 | Knowledge Local 5 | Knowledge History 6 | Knowledge Nobility 5 | Knowledge Planes 5 | Knowledge Religion 10 | Linguistics 7 | Perception 7 | Sense Motive 15 | Spellcraft 13


Snuff the Flame | Improved Snuff the Flame | Extra Snuff the Flame | Selective Channeling | Great Fortitude

Special Abilities

  • Ritual of the Lady’s Favor (+1 Action Point)
  • Veteran’s Opening (+2 insight bonus on first attack during first full round, +4 if Flat footed)
  • Ruby Initiate (Counter Spell with same spell level slot)
  • Touch of the Snow Wyrd (+5 cold resist)

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Xikar came to the church of Wee Jas looking to become a member of the Crimson Legion. He was rejected, as he did not have the elite skills required for such a position.

He was such a devout follower of Wee Jas, Xikar begged for some kind of place within the church. He became a low ranking priest, but eventually worked his way up to the status of a Keeper of the Grey Covenant, aka a Greycloak.

With some basic training with the Crimson Legion, Xikar is helpful as a Greycloak when going to grant souls safe passage to Wee Jas’ arms in dangerous areas.

This band of Greycloaks has risen in rank within the church. Xikar has sent many souls to the open arms of the Ruby Lady, but desired more power. After a recent encounter with an Orb of Annihilation (see episode 26) Xikar fully realized the ways of entropy, and how he could better serve his goddess.

Xikar, Hand of Wee Jas

Pathfinder Greycloak Campaign Xikar