Amsophar's Golden Circlet

Amsophar's CircletAppraise: History 25 Wt -lbs Aura: Strong Evocation CL 10th Slot: head Value: unknown


This delicate golden circlet has Amsophar’s personal glyph inscribed upon it, as well as the Storm King glyphs for Thunder and Lightning.


Amsophar’s Golden Circlet was recovered from his sarcophagus within his tomb, in Episode 26.


Once per day the wearer of Amsophar’s Circlet may use it to call a thunderstorm, as the spell Call Lightning Storm as cast by a 10th level Druid.

Once during the spell’s effect, the wearer of Amsophar’s Circlet may teleport anywhere within the spell’s range (800 ft.) as a lightning bolt, dealing damage normally. This use of the Circlet immediately ends the effects of call lightning storm.

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Amsophar's Golden Circlet

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