Astrid is a young half-elf whose family ran the Brokenbow Hunting lodge in the foothills of the Blackwall Mountains, about a day’s ride from Blackwall Keep. When the lodge was overrun by orcs and ogres, she was one of the few unfortunate survivors, along with her brother and Edain the Blackarrow Ranger.

Suffering terribly at the hands of the orcs, she was finally blinded and set “free” into the woods, only to be hunted down by goblin wolf-riders for sport. Luckily for her, the party of Greycloaks drove the goblins away before they could finish her off.

She then did her best to lead the Greycloaks to her family hunting lodge, only to confront the fact that the rest of her family, with the exception of her brother, had been brutally killed by the attacking savages.

In one of the Greycloaks’ first real failure, they proved unable to console Astrid, and she has since sunken into a deep melancholy.

For a short while she finds consolation in the protective father-figure of Black Bart.

Astrid makes her first appearance in Episode 13, and features in Episode 14. She perishes in the dragon attack on Blackwall Keep in Episode 17.

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