Blackwall Keep

Blackwall Keep is situated at the mouth of one of the few passes south from the Blackwall Mountains into Caledon. Constructed deep in the wilderness as a first line of defense against the orcs, goblins, and ogres that call the Blackwall Mountains home, the keep has kept the fertile lowlands of Caledon safe from orc raids for nearly 70 years.

Blackwall Keep is manned by a strange group: an esoteric order of Rangers known as the Black Arrows and convicted violent convicts. Convicts from throughout Caledon are given the option of serving out a reduced sentence at frontier forts in lieu of long imprisonments. Blackwall Keep offers the greatest sentence reduction, but is easily the most dangerous. Should a convict actually survive his time at the Keep, he is given the option of returning to society, or joining the Black Arrows. A surprising number choose the latter option.

Blackwall Keep’s remote location ensures that few prisoners consider escape or mutiny – without the knowledgable rangers, they would surely perish in the wilderness.

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Blackwall Keep

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