Bracers of Repulsion

bracers of repulsionAppraise: DC 20 Wt 1lb Aura: Moderate Evocation CL 11th Slot: arm Value: 4,000gp


These hard leather armguards look sturdy yet flexible.


These bracers were discovered by Xikar, using the powers of The Wanderer Harrow Card in Amsophar’s Tomb during the events of Episode 24.


These bracers can be activated 3 times per day as a swift action, producing a wave of force that pushes creatures away from you.

When you activate the bracers, all creatures within 10 feet must succeed on a Fort Save DC 19 or be pushed 5 feet directly away from you. Huge and larger creatures are unaffected by this wave of force, although incorporeal creatures ARE affected, and receive no save against the effect.

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Bracers of Repulsion

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