Cabal Rituals

Assemble Pattern: Everything has a system – a pattern – of Orders it abides by. By understanding groups of small Orders through exhaustive research you’ve managed to combine your arcane and mundane training to create an object out of thin air.

Cost: 1200XP, 4 Influence

Benefit: You gain the spell-like ability major creation 3/day as a wizard of your character level.

Deathly Scholar: Through a grim ritual conducted deep within the Cabal’s catacombs, your spirit has been distanced slightly from the flesh it animates, making it more difficult to disrupt.

Cost: 300XP, 1 Influence

Benefit: You gain a +1 bonus on saves against death spells and effects and saves to remove negative levels. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on Constitution Checks made to stabilize while dying.

Dust to Dust: This ritual is completed after long meditation within the crypts beneath the Ruby Temple among the dead of ages past, drawing from their wisdom, and advancing ever closer to your own eventual demise.

Cost: 1200XP, 4 Influence

Benefit: You immediately advance by one age category, taking the appropriate adjustments to your ability scores. This is a permanent change, and the changes to your ability scores cannot be undone by any means. In addition, you gain a sacred bonus to a Fortitude Saves equal to your Charisma modifier.

Freezing Blood: Wee Jas’s home plane, Ocanthus, is a dark abyss wracked by storms of razor sharp black ice from the river Styx. By drawing upon your connection to Wee Jas, you can conjure a deadly shard of this ice.

Cost: 1200XP, 4 Influence

Benefit: 3/day you may hurl a shard of Styx Ice at an opponent as a ranged touch attack. If the attack hits, you deal 1d8 points of slashing damage, plus an additional 1d6 cold damage per 3 character levels (1d8 up to 3rd, 1d8+1d6 at 3rd to 5th, 1d8+2d6 at 6th, ect.)

The target must make a Will Save, DC= 10 + your character level or be Dazed for a number of rounds equal to half your character level (maximum 5 rnds).

Intuit Pattern: By understanding the complex systems that the multiverse abides by, and undergoing a special ritual that grants you a fraction of Wee Jas’s insight, you have learned to decipher even the most esoteric languages.

Cost: 900XP, 3 Influence

Benefit: You gain comprehend languages as a spell-like ability as a sorcerer of your character level, useable at will.

Lesser Ward: Among the chaos of the battlefield, Wee Jas and her followers strive to find order and limit the vagaries of chance. Through this ritual, Wee Jas provides limited protection from some elemental damage.

Cost: 300XP, 1 Influence

Benefit: You gain 15 points of resistance to an energy type of your choice. This energy resistance applies only to the first attack of that energy type that hits you each day. This protection renews itself every evening at dusk.

Special: You may choose to undergo this ritual more than once, each time it is chosen it applies to a different energy type.

Pocket of Order: Through fanatical devotion to order and staunch opposition against chaos in all of its forms, you have been granted the ability to temporarily nullify chaos in a small pocket of space, removing all chance; creating stability.

Cost: 1800XP, 6 Influence

Benefit: As a standard action, you create a pocket of absolute law and order. For 1 round per character level, a cubic area centered on you and 40 ft. on a side has all random chance removed. All die rolls are determined by their average value. For the duration of the effect events are predictable, even average. Individuals operate according to skill alone, leaving no room for flair or luck. You may use this ability at will, but no more often than once per encounter.

Professor of Magic: Through a long and arduous ritual cloistered among the ancient tomes of unknown lore at the heart of the Ruby Temple, you have gained new insight into the workings and laws of magic.

Cost: 900XP, 3 Influence

Benefit: Permanently increase your effective caster level by 1 for a single school of magic (your choice).

Special: You may choose to undergo this ritual more than once. Each time you do so, the bonus applies to a different school of magic (you can’t choose the same one twice).

Ritual of Annihilation: Using the Cabal’s knowledge of death, decay and eventual annihilation, you have undergone a ritual to cause fault lines of disintegration to accompany the normal devastation of your magic

Cost: 1500XP, 5 Influence

Benefit: When you cast a spell that targets a single creature and deals damage, the target also suffers damage to Constitution equal to the level of the spell. A successful Fortitude save (DC equal to the original spell’s DC, or 10+spell level+ability modifier, whichever is higher) halves the Constitution damage (minimum 1). If the target’s Constitution is reduced to 0, the target is reduced to dust as the disintegration spell. Against inanimate objects or targets with no Constitution score the Constitution damage is simply added as additional damage. You may use this ability 3 times per day.

Ritual of Divine Presence: Through long sessions deep in prayer, you have learned to channel a tiny spark of Wee Jas’s divine presence.

Cost: 300XP, 1 Influence

Benefit: You gain a +5 sacred bonus on a single Intimidate check made against anyone or anything that does not worship Wee Jas. You may designate 1 target per point of Charisma Bonus (minimum 1 target), and you may use this ability 3 times per day.

Ritual of Insightful Philosophy: The Cabal stands firmly upon the foundation of knowledge and the power one can derive from it. Through long and ritualistic study you have learned to draw some measure of power from your extensive knowledge.

Cost: 600XP, 2 Influence

Benefit: You may make an appropriate Knowledge check in place of an attack roll, saving throw, or caster level check. This roll uses your modifiers to the appropriate Knowledge skill in lieu of whatever modifiers would normally apply. The Knowledge skill in question is determined by the DM at the time the roll is made. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1 + half your Intelligence Modifier.

Ritual of the Confessor: Though many try, few can truly conceal their secrets from the Ruby Sorceress. With a little aid from the Stern Lady, even the most committed liar can be made to speak the truth.

Cost: 300XP, 1 Influence

Benefit: With a successful touch attack you can compel a creature to tell the truth for 1 minute. A successful Will save (DC = 10+1/2 your character level + your Cha modifier) negates the effect.

Ritual of the Empty Gaze: You have spent untold time in the crypts of the Cabal, and the inevitability of death permeates your very being. Few can stand to meet your eyes when you focus upon the empty futility of struggling against the truths of mortality.

Cost: 1200XP, 4 Influence

Benefit: Once per day per 5 character levels you possess, you may draw upon your insight into the inexorable nature of mortality. For a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier, you gain a gaze attack. As a standard action you may target any creature within 30 feet. That creature is automatically shaken for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier. Furthermore, the bleakness of understanding seeps into their soul and makes it difficult for them to find the resolve to take any action. For as long as the creature is shaken they must make a DC 10 Wisdom Check before any action, failure means that that action is lost.

Ritual of the Scourge: Wee Jas despises disobedience, especially in those who defy her chosen. Through an ancient and difficult ritual you are granted the ability to immediately punish those with the temerity to defy your will, and by extension, the will of Wee Jas.

Cost: 2400XP, 8 Influence

Benefit: you permanently gain an invisible whip-like tendril of force that springs from your hand at will. If an opponent successfully saves against any of your spells or abilities that requires a Will Save, the tendril lashes out at them, to punish the transgression. The tendril has a range of 5ft/character level. As long as the target is within range when they make their save, you may make a touch attack against the target with the tendril. If the tendril hits, it does 1d8+1/2 your character level (max 1d8+5) points of force damage to the target for their disobedience. The tendril may not be used to make an attack under any other circumstance, nor does an attack with the tendril qualify for sneak attack damage.

Ritual of the Structured Mind: Through long and single-minded study, you have restructured your mind into a “mental castle” of sorts, rendering your thoughts relatively resistant to magical attacks or intrusions.

Cost: 900XP, 3 Influence

Benefit: You gain +2 bonus on saves against spells or effects that read, damage, or otherwise remove your mind such as confusion, detect thoughts, feeblemind, or insanity, but not spells that influence or control it such as charm person, suggestion, or dominate person. Furthermore, you are adept at resisting possession, either from a special ability or a dominate spell, and may make a Will save once an hour at a -2 penalty to free your mind.

Ritual of the Touch of the Styx: Deep within the recesses of Tower Macabre is a holy vessel filled with water from the true river Styx. By undertaking this ritual you touch these waters, and in so doing, learn to use some of their power in the name of Wee Jas.

Cost: 900XP, 3 Influence NOTE Touching the water of the Styx is dangerous. During this ritual you must make a DC17 Fortitude save or suffer total amnesia. You are treated as having failed a save against a feeblemind spell. Even if you make the saving throw, you loose all memory of the last 8 hours.

Benefit: Once per day you may make a make a melee touch attack against a living creature with an intelligence score. A successful touch attack deals 1d6 + 1 (per 3 character levels) points of Intelligence damage to the target (Will Save DC = 10 + 1/2 your level + your Charisma Bonus for half). In addition the target permanently looses an hour of memories per point of Intelligence damage. There is no way to restore the lost memories, other than to relearn the events from others.

Ruby Initiate: Long hours and intense study among the powerful mages of the Cabal have taught you new ways to manipulate the laws of magic.

Cost: 900XP, 3 Influence

Benefit: Once per day, you may counter a spell without a readied action, and without having the same spell ready to cast, provided you succeed on a Spellcraft check to identify the spell as normal, and have a spell of the same level available.

Stern Blade of Justice: Those in defiance of Wee Jas’s chosen defy the Stern Lady by extension, a situation that Wee Jas will not permit to continue any longer than necessary.

Cost: 600XP, 2 Influence

Benefit: Once per day you may draw upon Wee Jas’s stern will causing any melee weapon you wield or single target damaging spell you cast to deal an additional +1d6 cold damage. If the target is undead, this is instead unspecified sacred energy. If the target has the chaotic subtype, the damage is increased to +1d8, and, finally, if the target is a chaotic aligned undead creature, this damage is increased to +1d10. This ability lasts for 1 round per character level.

Styx Shard Dagger: You draw upon your connection with Wee Jas, and by extension, her connection to Ocanthus, to conjure a shard of Styx Ice that appears in your hand and can be wielded as a melee weapon.

Cost: 600XP, 2 Influence

Benefit: 1/day you may conjure a shard of Styx Ice in the rough form of a dagger. If a melee attack with this dagger hits, you deal 1d6 points of slashing damage, plus additional cold damage equal to your Charisma bonus or Intelligence bonus (which ever is higher). The target must also make a Will Save, DC=10+ your character level or be Dazed for one round. The ice dagger remains for 1 minute per character level, or until it leaves your hand, whichever happens first.

The Lady’s Decree: You draw a visible, glowing “line in the sand” and decree that none opposed to you may cross it. Wee Jas supports her followers, and imposes dread and hesitation on any who defy your decree.

Cost: 600XP, 2 Influence

Benefit: Once per day you may draw a line, 10 feet long per character level along the ground. Any creature, except those you specifically name as free from the decree, must make a Will Save DC=10+ your character level, or take -2 penalty to Attack, Damage, and Saves for the remainder of the encounter if they cross the line you drew. Chaotic creatures make their saves at -4. Once a creature crosses your line, they may not be affected by the same, or any other Line of Decree for the remainder of the encounter.

The Lady’s Embrace: This ritual is intended to increase the loyalty of the Cabal’s members, making them harder to turn from their purpose than the common man.

Cost: 600XP, 2 Influence

Benefit: you gain a +2 sacred bonus on all saves against enchantment spells and effects

Vision of Death: This ritual causes you to become so attuned to death that when you look at other creatures you can actually see the creature slowly decaying and dying, as if Wee Jas herself has given you an idea of her mysterious schedule.

Cost: 900XP, 3 Influence

Benefit: As a move action you can look at living creatures within 30’ and determine how close to death they are, as with the deathwatch spell. Or you may focus on a single living target (as a standard action) and determine its current hit points. This ability does not function on undead creatures or outsiders.

Cabal Rituals

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