Captain Lorring's Longsword

captain lorring's longswordAppraise: Arcana 32 Wt 8lbs Aura: Strong Evocation CL 12th Slot: held Value: 8,300gp


This simple, yet elegant officer’s longsword was the long-time companion of Captain Lorring, the commander of Blackwall Keep.


Captain Lorring’s sword was presented to the party after they gave a particularly moving eulogy for the fallen Captain after the razing of Blackwall Keep in Episode 17. Since then the sword has proven a potent resource, particularly against the undead form of Lord Ondore at the end of Episode 19, and the vampire Akasha.


Captain Lorring’s longsword is a +1 Spell Storing Longsword. It can store a single targeted spell of up to 3rd level. Any time the weapon strikes a creature, and the creature takes damage from the weapon, the stored spell can immediately be cast on that creature as a free action, using the DC, and caster level of the spellcaster at the time the spell was stored.

Currently, Ashe carries Cpt. Lorring’s longsword.

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Captain Lorring's Longsword

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