Clockwork Scarab

Clockwork scarabAppraise: Arcana 20 Wt -lbs Aura: Faint Abjuration CL 3rd Slot: NA Value: 12,000gp


This fist-sized golden beetle is finely constructed from precious metals. Each joint is intricately articulated and movable. A faint whirring can be heard from within the beetle whenever one of its limbs is moved. A multitude of miniature gears, springs and levers fill the metal beetle’s carapace, but it seems to be inert, and doesn’t really do much of anything.


This small clockwork apparatus was discovered with 31E in the Whispering Cairn during the events of Episode 8.


This clockwork beetle was clearly constructed for a purpose. What that purpose might be, and whether or not the little construct can still perform it, however, remains a mystery.

Interestingly enough, simply holding the beetle derives some benefit from the clockwork apparatus, granting whoever carries it electricity resistance 10. This does not use up an item slot, but the beetle must be held in a hand to grant this benefit.

While visiting Blackwall Keep in Episode 16 the party discovered that the scarab could indicate locations when placed upon a map.

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Clockwork Scarab

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