Clockwork Wings

gay wingsAppraise: Arcana 23 Wt 15lbs Aura: Faint Transmutation CL 5th Slot: backpack Value: 6,000gp


These clockwork wings are intricately constructed and articulated. Although far too short and heavy for actual flight, their complex design seems to conceal other purposes, as here and there a razor sharp edge or needle like point can be seen among the metallic feathers.


These wings were found in the same room as 31E in the Whispering Cairn, in Episode 8.


Once per day, the wearer of these clockwork wings can activate a jump spell (gaining +20 to acrobatics checks to jump) for 5 minutes.
The wings also contain a pair of weapons:
The first, a flechette launcher, fires 1d4 darts (for 1d4+1 damage each, +10 ranged attack) at each creature occupying a square adjacent to the wearer. This weapon can be activated as an immediate action.
The second, scissoring blades concealed beneath the feathers, can be activated when grappled, dealing 1d10 damage to the grappler. This damage can then be added to your next combat maneuver roll while in the grapple. This weapon can be activated as an immediate action.

These wings are strapped to the back, and do not occupy a standard item slot, but you may not wear a backpack and the wings at the same time

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Clockwork Wings

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