Edain is a Blackarrow Ranger from Blackwall Keep. He was on a short hunting trip with several other rangers when they stopped at the Brokenbow hunting lodge to rest. Edain survived where his friends and companions died defending the lodge from attacking orcs and ogres.

Edain spent the next several days watching from a crude cage as the few survivors of the attack were tortured and killed for the ogres’ amusement. Eventually, one of the cruel beasts got it into its head to lop off one of Edain’s feet, and eat it, while the helpless ranger could little but watch.

A day or so later, Edain was miraculously rescued by the Greycloaks, to whom he owes a great, but quite debt of gratitude.

Edain makes his initial appearance in Episode 13, and features in Episode 14, 15, 16, and 17.

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