Eladrin Gauntlet

Appraise: Arcana 23 Wt 2lbs Aura: Faint Transmutation CL 5th Slot: hand Value: 2,500gp


Made from a lightweight, silver-grey metal, this gauntlet is decorated with fine scrollwork and delicate engravings.


This gauntlet was recovered after a battle with the enigmatic figure of Zasalamel.


This is a gauntlet typically worn by Ghaele Eladrins, brave celestial warriors known for their direct opposition to evil and tyranny in all its forms. How it came into the possession of the being calling himself Zasalamel, and clearly bent on your destruction is a mystery. Though badly damaged in the recent fight with the enigmatic figure, the gauntlet retains some of its power.

Light Rays: The gauntlet can be used to project a ray of light out to a range of 60’ as a ranged touch attack. One ray may be fired as an attack action (more than one ray could be fired if the gauntlet’s wearer were entitled to multiple attacks), dealing 1d12 points of damage. This damage is not subject to elemental resistance, and it bypasses the first 5 points of a creature’s damage reduction. The gauntlet may be used to fire up to 5 light rays per day.

This gauntlet is currently worn by Nineve.

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Eladrin Gauntlet

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