Eledara Lillybrook

EledaraEledara Lillybrook is the niece of Lord Ondore Lillybrook; the daughter of his deceased sister. She is tall, fair skinned and distractingly attractive. She is known for her ambition and sharp intellect, but the shadow of the Lillybrook name has kept her ambitions in check. Eledara has also been known to use her feminine whiles to persuade others to do her bidding, and this reputation has impeded her efforts to gain favor at court.

Recently, she made great efforts to have her uncle revivified by the Cabal of Wee Jas, even going so far as to request it be done outside the normal channels. Of course her requests were denied, and she has been seen only rarely since the disappearance of her uncle’s remains at his most recent funeral.

The party has recently discovered that no evidence of an Eledara Lillybrook exists in the Lillybrook family records. However, the motives behind her false claims remain a mystery.

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Eledara Lillybrook

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