Everful Quiver

quiverAppraise: History 26 Wt 2lbs Aura: Moderate Conjuration CL 11th Slot: none Value: 1,200gp


This simple green leather quiver bears the hallmarks of elven craftsmanship. Elegantly and minimally decorated, the quiver appears to be quite old, but in excellent repair.


This quiver was found at the entrance to the Whispering Cairn by Ashe in Episode 7.


Many of these plain green quivers were crafted for elven scouts who would be expected to have little time to make their own arrows while on the move. When worn by anyone of Elven blood (including half-Elves, it instantly fill with 20 ordinary arrows. These are replenished to a maximum total of 60 each day. The quiver can be used to hold other arrows as well, to a maximum of 20. For example, an Everfull Quiver could hold 5 +1 arrows and would create 15 ordinary arrows. The +1 arrows would be replaced with ordinary arrows when used.

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Everful Quiver

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