FilgeFilge is the necromancer responsible for the stolen bodies in Diamond Lake. He took up residence at the old Observatory, turning it into a laboratory for his own brand of Necromancy. Filge is a rapidly advancing necromancer, always finding new and unusual ways to warp and twist the forms of the living into hideous undead mockeries. Also a skilled alchemist, Filge usually finds some way to incorporate acid into his creations, most notably in his trademark “acid zombies.”

Filge is also possessed with an elevated opinion of himself, going so far as to animate zombies for the sole purpose of heaping praise on him at the dinner table in a macabre episode of theater.

The party drove him out of Diamond Lake, only to find indications that he had connections in Istivin. Later they ran into him and his handiwork as the Greycloaks searched the Sawfish Boy’s slaughterhouse as Filge escaped with the remains of Lord Ondore.

Filge makes his first appearance in Episode 2 and returns to vex the party in Episode 11

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