Goggles of Foefinding

Goggles of Foe-FindingAppraise: History 25 Wt -lbs Aura: Strong Abjuration CL 3rd Slot: ring Value: 12,000gp


The lenses of these goggles continually fade back and forth between soot black and snow white.


Haroldur located these goggles using the power of The Wanderer Harrow Card in the party’s first foray into the Whispering Cairn in Episode 8.


When you attack foes that have cover while you wear Goggles of Foefinding, you can ignore the cover bonus to AC they would normally receive. The goggles do not however, allow you to circumvent the effect of total cover nor do they allow you to make attacks of opportunity against characters that would normally receive an AC bonus from cover.

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Goggles of Foefinding

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