Greycloaks is the common name for the Keepers of the Grey Covenant. Greycloaks serve as undertakers, counselors, and frequenly, the Cabal’s secret police.

Charged with enforcing the Cabal’s custodianship of the dead, the job of a Greycloak requires uniquely adaptable individuals. Often finding themselves at the wrong end of a Necromancer’s wand or a vampire’s gaze, a Keeper must be capable, decisive, and ever faithful in the Ruby Lady as they silently enforce her will.

Greycloaks follow a strict set of tenets:

The Keepers of the Grey Covenant have been granted certain legal authority by the King of Caledon and the Council of Lords regarding certain Crimes Against Nature and Crimes Against the Cabal itself. In all other cases, Keepers are to defer to the local authorities. However, in the following matters, a Keeper’s interpretation and enforcement of the Law supersedes that of a local authorities.

A Keeper is authorized to apprehend an accused person by whatever means he or she deems necessary at the time. However, ‘accidentally’ killing the accused is frowned upon, and may have severe ramifications with the local authorities. In cases where an individual is accused of multiple offenses, only the most severe crime should be pursued. (For example, if a wizard were accused of grave robbing and necromancy, then you’d only need to pursue the necromancy charge/punishment, the grave robbing thing would be secondary.) The crimes a Keeper has authority to pursue are listed below in order of severity from greatest to least:

1. Unsanctioned Practice of Necromancy – The Cabal is the only institution that can legally permit someone to practice the magical discipline of Necromancy in the Kingdom of Caledon. All other practitioners do so against the will of the King, the Cabal and in violation of the law.
Punishment: Once convicted, the necromancer will be subjected to subsequent Feeblemind spells until such time as the spell is fully effective. At this point, the convicted necromancer becomes a ward of the Cabal until such time as he or she should die of natural causes.
Requirements for punishment: Confession by the accused party before a Scribe of the Cabal. The convict must then be transported to a Ruby Temple for punishment to be carried out, or held until such time as a Magus capable of meeting out the appropriate punishment is available.

2. Desecration of the Dead – Grave robbing, vandalism, ect. are unpardonable crimes in the eyes of the Cabal and the King. These are defined as any case where the body or grave of a properly interred person is disturbed by an individual for nefarious reasons, as determined by the senior Keeper present, or local authorities if a Keeper is not present.
Punishment: Death by hanging.
Requirement for punishment: Confession by the accused party before either a Scribe of the Cabal, or a local authority.

3. Actions that Directly Harm the Cabal or its Members – actions taken by another party that directly harm the Cabal or its members must be dealt with carefully. A Keeper is authorized to apprehend an accused party, but the accused must then be handed over to local authorities for prosecution, depending on the severity of the crime(s)in question.

Additionally, all Keepers are authorized by the King and the Cabal to destroy, capture or banish chaotic undead or destructive, malicious, or dangerous chaotic outsiders.

The 5 Governing Principles of the Keepers of the Grey Covenant

1) Rectitude – Adhere to the Rule of Law, either divine or local, and apply the Rule of Law impartially.
2) Respect – Obey those of higher station than yourself, respect all equally under the Rule of Law. Respect the deceased and those that survive them.
3) Discretion – Be discrete in the pursuit of the Cabal’s goals.
4) Courage – Confront the enemies of the Cabal bravely, do not fear death while in the service of the Lady.
5) Justice – Mete out justice as permitted by the Rule of Law.

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