Healing Belt

Healing BeltAppraise: Arcana 18 Wt 2lbs Aura: Faint Conjuration CL 3rd Slot: belt Value: 2,500gp


This broad leather belt is heavy and warm to the touch. Three small moonstones are set into the plain silver buckle.


This useful item was given to the party by Hezzrak from his modest hoard way back in Episode 5, and has saved various characters (mostly Ashe) from the cold grip of death several times.


Usually created for military officers or front-line commanders, a Healing Belt allows a combatant to stray a little farther from a friendly healer than he would otherwise.

While wearing a Healing Belt you gain a +2 competence bonus on Heal checks. In addition, the belt has 3 charges, which are renewed each day at dawn. Spending 1 or more charges allows you to channel positive energy and heal wounds with a touch. (You can also use this energy to damage undead, dealing them an equivalent amount of damage instead.)
  • 1 charge: Heals 2d8 points of damage
  • 2 charges: Heals 3d8 points of damage
  • 3 charges: Heals 4d8 points of damage

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Healing Belt

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