Here you will find links to historical information that either the characters know, or have discovered through the course of their adventures.

The Imperium the multiverse spanning empire of the SpellWeavers.

The Storm Kings, ancient warrior-kings who opposed the primal forces of chaos.

The Grey Covenant, the agreement between Wee Jas and Nerull outlining their specific domains.

Lore Seekers of the Cabal, the Cabal’s field research arm.

The Sihedron Rune, an ancient symbol of the Imperium

The Greycloaks, our heroes, and the custodians of the Grey Covenant.

Adventure Logs:
Episode 1 Or, How it all began.
Episode 2 Or, Dealing with Filge.
Episode 3 Or, A trip to Kolbenborg.
Episode 4 Or, Zombie orcs and the mad imp.
Episode 5 Or, Escape through the mines.
Episode 6 Or, Filge’s legacy.
Episode 7 Or, The Whispering Cairn.
Episode 8 Or, The clockwork man and Ulavant.
Episode 9 Or, The tomb of Icosiel.
Episode 10 Or, Meet the Sawfish Boys.
Episode 11 Or, The “return” of Ondore.
Episode 12 Or, Disgrace and Exile.
Episode 13 Or, Into the woods.
Episode 14 Or, Hillbilly ogre horror.
Episode 15 Or, The bigger they are…
Episode 16 Or, Blackwall Keep at long last.
Episode 17 Or, Fire, funeral, and home.
Episode 18 Or, Murders, most foul.
Episode 19 Or, The fall of the house of Lillybrook.
Episode 20 Or, The Paper Mill and the Acquittal.
Episode 21 Or, Wanton of Nature’s Pagan Forms.
Episode 22 Or, Cleaning up Diamond Lake.
Episode 23 Or, The ancient tomb of Amsophar.
Episode 24 Or, Into the darkness.
Episode 25 Or, The Dark Sphinx and the Oracle.
Episode 26 Or, Distant memories.
Episode 27 Or, The Nameless City.
Episode 28 Or, Lost in the Nexus.
Episode 29 Or, The Caller in Darkness.
Episode 30 Or, The Horror of Theta-7-2.
Episode 31 Or, Through the Starry Mirror
Episode 32 Or, Some light dinner theater (coming soon)
Episode 33 Or, Homecoming… and Zombies! (coming soon)
Episode 34 Or, Zombie plague, pt 1 (coming soon)
Episode 35 Or, Zombie plague, pt 2 (coming soon)
Episode 36 Or, Tamclar’s Request (coming soon)


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