Icosiels Diadem

Appraise: History 25 Wt -lbs Aura: Strong Abjuration CL ? Slot: head Value: unknown


This delicate silver and platinum diadem prominently features the personal glyph of Icosiel, a long-dead warrior and hero of the ancient Storm Kings. Strange other-worldly designs and inscriptions that clearly belong to some settled technique of infinite maturity and perfection adorn the circlet. Yet those techniques are utterly remote from any artistic tradition, ancient or modern which you have ever seen exemplified until now. The patterns all hint of remote secrets and unimaginable gulfs of time and space.


Icosiel’s Diadem was recovered from his tomb within the Whispering Cairn in Episode 9.


Icosiel’s Diadem functions as a circlet of Wisdom +2, but initially appeared to possess other, dormant, powers.

Recently, after a strange vision of the past (see Episode 26, the spirit of Icosiel seems to have accepted the new owner of his relics, revealing previously unknown powers hidden within his artifacts.

The Silver Diadem now functions as a Circlet of Wisdom +4, with the additional powers of a Circlet of Persuasion (+3 on Charisma-based checks).

Currently Owned By: Xikar

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Icosiels Diadem

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