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Influence is basically a measure of the amount of “pull” you have within the Cabal. It is an abstract measure of the regard shown your character by the higher-ups in the church. Influence is earned by completing the Cabal’s goals, or impressing your supervisors, primarily Marten, but occasionally Mossad.

Influence points can be spent in a variety of ways. These are outlined below:

The most common use of Influence requesting permission to undergo Cabal Rituals. Even the most simple of these requires you to spend some Influence.

You may spend 1 point of Influence to automatically gain 2 successes in a Cabal related Skill Challenge.

Access to the Hall of Memories requires 1 point of influence. Once within the Hall, you may gain access to any published feat (subject to DM approval) not included in the Pathfinder Core Rulebook at the cost of an additional 2 points of Influence.

Access to the Halls of the Forebearers requires 1 point of influence. Once within the Halls, a character can gain access to any spell included in the Spell Compendium (subject to DM approval). A character can gain access to one spell per trip to the Halls of the Forebearers. Optionally, a character can instead gain any spell (of a level less than or equal to half their character level) as a spell-like ability, usable once per day from the ancient masters. This costs 1000xp x the spell’s level squared, plus 1 Influence per level of the spell.

1 point of Influence can be spent for a vial of Dr. Morgus’s Strange Elixir, which permanently increases your maximum hit points by 5. A character can only imbibe this elixir once.

1 point of Influence can be spent for enchantments/enhancements or equipment equal to 1000gp x 1/4 your character level, this is limited to an amount equal to twice your character level x 1000gp. (i.e. a level 4 character would be eligible for 1000gp in magical enhancement/enchantment or equipment for 1 point of Influence, but could not exceed 8000gp in magical enhancement/enchantment or equipment.)

Influence can be spent to gain an undead servant as a gift from the Cabal. You may choose any undead creature (subject to DM approval) as your servant. The servant costs 2 points of influence for each level of Challenge Rating of the creature. (i.e. a CR2 creature would cost 4 Influence)

2 points of Influence can be spent to acquire a Battlefield Extra-jurisdictional Remains Animation License, allowing you to re-animate the remains of any one creature. This license can be used only once.

NEW – Upgrade your Veteran’s Opening: By spending 1 point of Influence, Arrad will take the time to teach you another of the many tricks he keeps up his sleeves. With this training you gain an additional +2 to hit and +2 damage when you use Veteran’s Opening (for a total of +4 to hit and +2 damage).

A character cannot amass more Influence than he has character levels. Any extra influence is lost. (i.e. a lvl 6 character with 5 current Influence earns 2 points of Influence. His new total is now 6, the extra point is lost.)

Finally, Influence can only be spent when a character is in good standing with the Cabal. If, for some reason, you are not in good standing, your influence points are “frozen”, but not lost.


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