Istivin (Metropolis): Conventional Monarchy; AL: LN. 100,000gp limit (reduced due to recent famine and unrest)

Population: approximately 211,850; Mixed (human 79%, half- elf 8%, dwarf 6%, gnome 3%, elf 2%, halfling 1%, half-orc 1%)
Important Characters and Authority Figures: King of Caledon, Resbin Emondav, Sunfather Kireth, high priest of Pelor; Prefect Randos, high priest of St. Cuthbert, Field Marshal Miskmatar, high priest of Heironeous, Algorthas the Seer, preeminent sage; Pelmon Drudd, merchant-lord, Embiril Illustani, Lore Keeper of the Cabal of Wee Jas.

Istivin cross sectionDescription: The city of Istivin was built atop a complex of ancient Imperium ruins on the top a crescent-shaped plateau known as Hook Hill. The spring-fed Lake Istivin lies at the center of the city. The Floating City rises high into the cloud-filled sky, growing upward within the limited space available on a plateau bounded on all sides by steep cliffs that define the city’s boundaries. Dozens of ancient magical towers of incredible height float above the lower quarters, reaching nearly to the clouds themselves. Hundreds of smaller, earth-bound towers also reach into the sky from the wards below, attempting to maximize what space is available. The city also extends deep underground, into sewers and unknown ruins just below street level, and still deeper to the furnaces and foundries of the Cogs far below ground. The Bright River spills from the southeastern bank of Lake Istivin to divide the city as it roars over the cliffs to the district of Crescent at the base of the plateau. Massive walls of thick stone ring the plateau, completing the city’s formidable defenses.
Quarters: Istivin is composed of nine Quarters: Northedge; to the north, Lakeshore; along Lake Istivin, Brightfall to the southeast, Skyway; floating high above the streets and towers atop the plateau, Dura; to the west, Menthis; to the east, Crescent; which nestles within the curve at the base of the plateau, the Depths; below ground, and the Cogs which lie deeper still.

Quarters and Wards: Istivin is a large and populous city. Each of its nine quarters is composed of multiple wards, and each of those wards is composed of multiple neighborhoods or districts. The size and complexity of Istivin is daunting even to those who live there, and most rarely stray far from their familiar neighborhoods, much less explore unfamiliar quarters and wards. What follows is very brief description of the various quarters, and mention of a couple places of interest, either various wards, or occasionally a specific location. As we explore the city, more detail will be provided, until then picture something along the lines of a combination of ancient Rome, Renaissance Paris and Dickensian industrial revolution London: crowded, colorful, busy, loud, and cosmopolitan, with a little magic thrown in for good measure.

The Crescent
The Depths
The Cogs

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