Jade Falcon

Appraise: Arcana 26 Wt 2lbs Aura: Moderate Conjuration CL 675 Slot: heldValue: 2,800gp


This small jade falcon is heavy for its size. The sculpture is very stylized, almost abstract in its representation of a falcon.


The Jade Falcon was found within a small treasure trove within the Death Cult lair in the Paper Mill in Episode 21.


This falcon is similar to a figurine of wondrous power, although its powers are more limited in scope. Upon activation (a standard action) the jade falcon springs to life, attacking the target (within 100ft) specified by its wielder (a new target can be selected as a move action). The falcon streaks toward the target and continues to attack (on your turn) for 3 rounds before returning to its wielder. The falcon’s attacks are considered a force effect.

The falcon can be activated 3 times per day.
Attack bonus +8, Damage 2d4+4
The falcon gains +2 to attack and damage rolls if it is activated in areas of open sky (i.e. not underground or within a structure).

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Jade Falcon

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