KullenKullen is a towering, albino half-orc in the employ of Balabar Smenk. Beleived to have slaughtered the custodians of the Greymere Convent at Smenk’s instructions, Kullen has thus far evaded justice through his connection to Smenk and his imposing size and fearsome reputation.

Kullen has frequently been at odds with the party, and once come to their aid. During a pivotal incident in Diamond Lake, while the party negotiated with Balabar Smenk, Kullen decked Nineve with a single powerful punch.

Perhaps Kullen’s most surprising trait is his startling intelligence and articulate speach. Most regard Kullen as a stupid thug, a mistake they rarely make twice.

How the party’s history with Kullen plays out remains to be seen…

The party first crosses paths with Kullen in Episode 1, but they don’t really come face-to-face with him until Episode 2.

When the party returns to Diamond Lake in Episode 22 they finally come to grips with Kullen, and defeat him. He survives, however, and after the death of Balabar, Kullen and the Greycloaks put aside their differences, and agree to go their separate ways.

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