Lightning Sword of Icosiel

Lightning Sword of IcosielAppraise: Arcana 24 Wt 2lbs Aura: Moderate Evocation CL 10th Slot: held Value: 11,800gp


The blade of this finely crafted sword was forged from a strange grey-blue metal. Occasionally an arc of bright blue-white energy crawls along the weapon from the crossguard to the end of the truncated blade. Where a sword would normally have a sharp point, this weapon simply ends abruptly, it’s gracefully curved blade ending as though cut short at some point in its long history. The weapon itself seems oddly weighted, as though not intended for human hands.


Icosiel’s Lightning Sword, along with its companion (a +1 Shock Shortsword) were found in the tomb of Icosiel in Episode 9.


This sword was the personal weapon of the Storm King warrior Icosiel. The blade has been damaged somehow, and the weapon’s powers thusly reduced. However, it remains a potent weapon. Recently (in Episode 26, in fact) Icosiel’s various relics have revealed previously unknown powers. In the case of the Lightning Sword, it now functions as a +1 Shock Longsword.

Icosiel’s sword is a +1 longsword that deals an additional 1 point of electricity damage on a successful hit, as well as an additional 1d6 electricity damage.

Additionally, once per day, as a full-round action, the wielder of Icosiel’s sword can create a line of lightning 60’ long. All creatures in the line take 1d6 points of electricity damage per HD of the sword’s wielder (max 10d6) (Reflex DC18 half). The wielder disappears from his initial position, and appears at the far end of the line of lightning.

Icosiel’s sword sheds light equivalent to a torch (20’ radius).

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Lightning Sword of Icosiel

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