Rod of Seven Parts

The Storm Kings are the legendary creators of this artifact. It is said that they constructed the Rod of Law to use in a great battle of where Chaos and Law contended. There, the Rod was shattered and its parts scattered, but the enchantments of the item were such that nothing could actually destroy it, so that if its sections are recovered and put together in the correct order, the possessor will wield a weapon of surpassing power, the original Rod of Law.

According to legend each part of the rod would impart to the owner a sense of direction as to where the next largest piece could be found.

When the Rod of Law was shattered, each fragment was given to a powerful Storm King to safeguard. These seven Storm Kings scattered the fragments across the Planes to prevent it ever being reconstructed. If it were to be reassembled, not only would the wielder possess a weapon of incredible power, but they would also possess the key to releasing the Demon Queen of Chaos.

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Rod of Seven Parts

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