Sihedron Medallion

medallionAppraise: Arcana 22 Wt -lbs Aura: Faint Necromancy CL 5th Slot: neck Value: 3,500gp


This medallion hangs on a leather cord, a silver disc inscribed with a seven-pointed star.


The Sihedron Medallion was thrown to the party by Kullen in Episode 9.


Although few know the actual significance of the star today, it was a very important symbol in the ancient days of the Imperium. While worn a Sihedron Medallion grants its wearer a +1 resistance bonus on all saving throws. Once per day, it may be used to bestow the effects of False Life on the wearer (granting 1d10+5 temporary hit points) as a free action. Placed on the neck of a dead body, the Sihedron Medallion preserves the body indefinitely via a Gentle repose effect.

Currently Haroldur wears the Sihedron Medallion.

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Sihedron Medallion

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