Spellsink Scarab

Spell scarabAppraise: Arcana 30 Wt -lbs Aura: Moderate Evocation CL 11th Slot: necklace Value: 3,000gp


This solid gold scarab has obsidian chips for eyes. Glyphs of protection and arcane symbols are carved into its carapace.


This magical scarab was found in the rubble of Blackwall Keep, in Episode 17.


Whenever you would take hit point damage from a spell or spell-like ability, you may activate the spellsink scarab (an immediate action) to reduce the damage you take. The scarab has 3 charges that are renewed at dawn. Spending 1 or more charges reduces the damage dealt to you by the spell or power. You must declare your use of this item before damage is rolled for the effect.

  • 1 charge: reduce damage by 2d6 points
  • 2 charges: reduce damage by 3d6 points
  • 3 charges: reduce damage by 4d6 points

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Spellsink Scarab

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