Storm Kings

The Storm Kings were great warriors dedicated to Law in the Age Before Ages. Their role in the ancient history of the planes is obscure, and shrouded in mystery. Predating the Imperium by centuries, the Storm Kings ruled an empire spread over several worlds aeons ago, with footholds throughout the planes. They fought a genocidal war with the demon Queen of Chaos, with the fate of the worlds under their control at stake. They were nearly wiped out, but the Queen was defeated, banished beyond the Void by the Rod of Law.

What little is known of the Storm Kings is based upon discoveries from their elaborate tombs (such as the Whispering Cairn). When a respected member of their society would fall in the struggle against Chaos, a great burial complex would be created to house the remains. These tombs retain very few artifacts, however, intricate carvings and sculptures grant some insight into these enigmatic beings.



The Whispering Cairn

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Storm Kings

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