The Anderhof Brothers

Sawfish boysThe four Anderhof Brothers, also known as the Sawfish Boys, are a quartet of siblings known for their proclivity for unsavory activities. The locals tolerate them because they are willing to operate the local slaughterhouse, an unpopular occupation. Their slaughterhouse, known locally as The Shambles, is located in one of Dura’s many slums. Rumor hints at more than cattle being processed at the Shambles, but for some reason there have been no legal investigations of the slaughterhouse.

The four brothers are:

Vander Anderhof; the eldest of the four, Vander wears fine tailored clothing and takes obvious care with his grooming and appearance. He affects the mannerisms of a man of high-class upbringing. He seems too cultured and refined to live and work in a slaughterhouse. Despite his pretenses, Vander is no higher born than the enthusiastically thuggish oafs he calls brothers.

Parne and Torkan Anderhof; twin brothers, and a few years younger than Vander. They are both heavily muscled and share a love of violence; working the slaughter line at the Shambles seems to bring them no end of enjoyment.

Kinto Anderhof; the youngest of the brothers, Kinto is nervous and skittish, often retreating to his chamber to find solace in his reflection is the dozens of razor-sharp blades he has collected over the years. Of an already violent bunch, Kinto is easily the least stable…

Three of the Sawfish Boys were captured after the party’s foray into the Shambles. Kinto managed to escape capture, however.

The Anderhof Brother’s exploits begin in Episode 10 and concluded in Episode 11

Most recently, the Greycloaks encountered three of the Anderhofs, Vander, Parne and Torkan at Blackwall Keep where they are serving out their sentences for their crimes at their slaughterhouse. They seem to be changed men, at least somewhat. Instead of vengeful backstabbing or venting petty frustrations, the brothers aided the party after their heroic breaking of an orc seige on Blackwall Keep. There has been no mention of Kinto’s whereabouts.

During the events of Episode 17 Parne and Torkan were killed by the dragon attack that razed Blackwall Keep. Vander managed to survive, and together with a few of the Rangers, decided to stay behind and do what he could to rebuild.

Kinto Anderhof met his end at the hands of the Greycloaks during their attack on the Death Cult hideout in the Paper Mill in Episode 20.

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The Anderhof Brothers

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