The Cabal

Type: Arcane/Divine Order
Size: about 35 members in Istivin
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Racial Mix: 90% human, 10% other
Authority Figures: Loremaster Canoness Embiril Ilustani
Important Characters: Mossad, head of the Istivin Keeper’s chapter (your boss), Marten Broadcloak, administrative assistant to Cannoness Ilustani, Advocat, the Cabal’s chief historian and expert on legal maters, Arrad, Commander of the Istivin Crimson Legion, Dr Morgus Verbane, the Cabal’s chief healer and medical expert.
Associated Prestige Classes: Archmage, Eldritch Knight, Heirophant, Lore Master, Mystic Theurge, Thaumaturgist (more will certainly be added – please make suggestions via email)
Requirements: Members must have Wee Jas as their patron diety, and must have an alignment within one step of Lawful Neutral.
Member Benefit: 2 free RANKS in one Associated Skill as long as you remain in good standing. Access to the Great Library, the Hall of Memories, and the Halls of the Forebearers.
Access to: Cabal Feats and Cabal Rituals

Facilities within Tower Macabre: These facilities may be used by members of the Cabal who are in good standing. Each use of a facility requires spending Influence Points. Once you are out of Influence, you cannot use that facility until you gain more.

The Hall of Memories: The vast domed chamber contains hundreds of mummified heads carefully placed in specific niches carved into the dome itself. This serves as the Cabals store of secret lore too important to risk writing down, but not so vital as to be stored in the Hall of the Forebearers. A character must use speak with dead to gain access to the memories of the long dead sages and scholars who are interred here. By accessing the memories of the dead stored here a character can access: feats, skill bonuses (temporary), and answers to various historical or arcane questions. A character must conduct research in the Great Library to find the correct head to query. The research DC is a DC20 K. History check. Accessing the Hall of Memories requires 1 Influence to enter, per character. Also, you may access feats from books other than the Pathfinder core book through the Hall of Memories for an additional cost of 2 Influence.

Halls of the Forebearers: Deep within the catacombs beneath Tower Macabre are numerous crypts of ancient spellcasters of great and untold power. These remains have been collected from throughout Caledon and lands beyond, and represent the single greatest repository of arcane lore known to modern magical study. It is rare that members of the Cabal be allowed to disturb the silence of these tombs, but on the occasions when this is allowed, a character can gain great power and insight by consulting with the ancient masters. Speak w/dead allows access to their vast repertoire of spells – however one must first research the correct forebearer to ask in the Great Library. Research DC=25+sp lvl K.History, then you must succeed on another K.Arcana, or K.Religion, at the same DC, depending on the spell. Success grants you access to ANY spell published in ANY source book, subject to DM approval. Optionally, a character can instead gain any spell as a spell-like ability, usable once per day from the ancient masters. This costs 1000xp x the spell’s level squared. Accessing the Halls of the Forebearers requires the expenditure of 2 influence, plus 1 influence per level of the spell sought.

The Great Library: The Great Library is a vast collection of books, scrolls, ect. and is widely regarded as one of the most complete libraries in Caledon. Each Town Period spent here grants a +2 bonus on any one knowledge check made within the next 6 hours. The Great Library is open to all members of the Cabal.

The Ruby Temple: This vast worship chamber is the gathering place for the worshipers of Wee Jas in Istivin. It is also where the Cabal’s faithful come to offer their obedience to the Ruby Sorceress at dusk and midnight. Here a character can slowly rid themselves of the influence of the outside world, which may have caused them to deviate from the doctrines of the Cabal. For each full day spent in prayer at the Ruby Temple, a character can move their alignment one step toward Lawful Neutral if their actions have caused their alignment to shift.

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The Cabal

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