The Grey Covenant

The Grey Covenant is an ageless agreement among the gods that grants Wee Jas sole authority over the passage of a soul from life to death. This contract is the seat of her power over the Death domain, making her the steward of the afterlife, and the guardian of the gateway between life and death.

The Grey Covenant prevents Wee Jas and Nerull from directly opposing one another, clearly defining Wee Jas’s role as doorkeeper and steward of the dead, and Nerull’s as a god of killing and murder. This distinction works equally well for both deities.

Where the two find argument is in the case of the undead. The Covenant does not expressly state that the spirit or the remains of the deceased may return to affect the living, nor does it indicate that they may not. Wee Jas interprets the Covenant as granting her authority over the creation of the undead, whereas Nerull feels the undead are his sole domain.

The Keepers of the Grey Covenant seek to enforce their goddess’s will, and seek to destroy unlawfully created undead, and their creators, with the blessings of Wee Jas. As well as acting as worldly stewards of a soul’s passage from this world to the next.

The Grey Covenant

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