Whispering Cairn

After recovering Alastar Land’s notes, the party, with Brolan’s and Lazare’s assistance, researched the mysterious location known as the Whispering Cairn.

Lazarre’s history lesson: the Whispering Cairn

Legend has it that the Whispering Cairn is thousands of years old. An intricate grave that allegedly pre-dates the Imperium, if the stories are to be believed. Other graves of similar age dot the Cairn Hills, each one surrounded in its own legends and myths. Most are common knowledge to locals, who dare each other to spend a night within one, or use tales of their inhabitants to frighten unruly children.

These cairns are reputed to be the final resting places of ancient warriors known as the Storm Kings who ruled a great empire long before the Imperium. That the tombs still stand, and that we know anything at all about their builders is a wonder, and an intriguing mystery.

All of the known Cairns share similar architecture: wide, tall corridors constructed from strange white stone blocks of massive size leading to a central tomb chamber. These cairns have long ago been thoroughly looted, any valuables removed, and whatever defenses were once in place, defeated. However, local legends persist, insisting that unexplored chambers with unfound treasures from a by-gone era remain hidden within these cairns, awaiting someone clever, or brave enough to claim them.

The Whispering Cairn itself is one of the larger tombs, known locally for the eerie sounds that whisper within the entrance and corridor of the cairn. The Whispering Cairn has gained a sinister reputation around Diamond Lake, many claiming that it is haunted, or filled with still active, and deadly traps. The last recorded expedition into the Whispering Cairn was some 60 years ago, lead by a treasure hunter and scholar, Ulavant. Records from their expedition include accounts of locating the cairn and entering it, but no accounts referring to what they may have found, or whether or not they emerged at all.

Alastar’s Notes, briefly summarized:

After thoroughly sifting through Alastar’s notes, with Brolan’s assistance, the following, incomplete information is forthcoming:

Alastar had been studying Ulavant’s notes for several years during his retirement in Kolbenborg, and learned a thing or two of great interest to him and the cabal. Through his research, Ulavant had come to believe that the Storm Kings had gone to great lengths to hide the tombs of their fallen warriors. Most warriors were interred in tombs with several false burial chambers and dead ends to mislead would-be tomb robbers. The truly important tombs of their greatest warriors were concealed so well that none have ever been found. Ulavant believed that some of the more prominent Storm King tombs were linked to these important tombs, providing the only means of access.

Ulavant theorized that the true burial chamber within the lesser tomb also contained whatever method the Storm Kings used to link the tombs together, most likely some variety of portal. Ulavant had come to be convinced that the tomb known locally as the Whispering Cairn was one of these lesser tombs linked to a greater burial site. The prospect of locating one of these greater tombs, un-plundered for countless years became an obsession for both Ulavant and Alastar. As soon as Alastar determined the tomb that Ulavant sought, his notes end abruptly.

Regrettably, Alastor left on his own, telling Brolan only that he sought to locate the Whispering Cairn, so that he could lead a proper expedition into the ruins to find Ulavant some days later. That was several days before the goblins burst from the mines, and surged into Kolbenborg.

Upon fully exploring the tomb, and breaching the burial chamber with [[31E37]’s help in Episode 7, the party discovered that the Whispering Cairn was the tomb of a warrior called Icosiel. They also found an inactive portal, likely the one Ulavant sought, that may link the tomb of Icosiel to a more significant burial site.

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Whispering Cairn

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