ZasalamelZasalamel is some variety of justice archon (angel) that seems determine to punish the Greycloaks for releasing something he calls the Titan of Chaos or the Mammoth of Discord.

He first appeared to the party in Episode 2, battered and nearly beaten. They managed to kill him in Filge’s laboratory, despite his obvious nature as a deadly combatant. Strangely, he knew the characters by name, and listed their crimes as though he’d done so many times before, constantly stating that “This time I will not fail”, and “This is the final time I will face you!”

Since then, the party has encountered Zasalamel several times, each time he appears less wounded and battered, but no less determined to prevent them from committing a crime they have not yet managed to commit: freeing the Titan of Chaos.

Zasalamel first appears in Episode 2, and makes later appearances in Episode 7 and Episode 13

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