Zasalamel's Scythe

Appraise: Arcana 29 Wt 8lbs Aura: Strong Transmutation, Evocation CL 12th Slot: weapon Value: 18,300gp


This scythe features a gleaming, razor-sharp blade and a haft of some strange other-worldly wood. The haft itself is light, but incredibly strong. Golden runes meaning justice, truth, honor, victory ect. are carved into the shaft and blade in Celestial.


Pieces of this weapon were recovered after battles with the enigmatic celestial Zasalamel and recombined with powerful magics at Haroldur’s insistence.


This scythe functions as a +1 Keen Scythe of Striking.
As a Striking weapon, it bears 3 charges that may be expended when the wielder scores a critical hit. Before damage is rolled, the wielder determines how many charges to expend. 1 charge adds +2d6 damage to the damage roll, 2 charges add +3d6, and 3 charges add +4d6. The staff recharges 1 charge every 24hrs.

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Zasalamel's Scythe

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