ZollaraZollara appears to be the essence or spirit of a long dead Fate Spinner tied to the set of Harrow cards she used in life. (see Zollara’s Harrow Deck)

Occasionally, Zollara will appear before the party, and draw a series of cards from her Harrow Deck. These cards cryptically tell of the past, present and near future of the characters, providing some hints and guidance in the trials to come. Additionally, Zollara occasionally offers advice and suggestions as to how the party might best proceed, though her advice frequently seems to favor her own, hidden goals.

Zollara’s presence in the party provides several distinct advantages: she provides guidance regarding the future, her Harrow readings provide the party with bonuses in certain situations, and her deck is itself a powerful magic item.

Zollara makes her first appearance in Episode 5, and turns up in most of the later episodes.

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