The Keepers of The Grey Covenant:

Throughout civilized lands, a death in the family may be followed by a visit from a quiet figure all in grey and offering prayers for the deceased. These are the Keepers of the Grey Covenant, otherwise known as Greycloaks, who reflect a different aspect of Wee Jas’ death portfolio, distinct from black necromancy. Clerics of Wee Jas wielding powerful divinations and necromantic magics, the Greycloks seek to assure that the dead rest and their families have peace of mind. If their ministrations are acceptable, the Keepers will contact the dead and ensure them true passage to the afterlife. They will help the family move on or act as a mediator for the deceased to help conclude any unfinished business.

Greycloaks are despised by the clerics and followers of Heironeious and St. Cuthbert. Accused of being ghouls, psychic vampires, extortionists, and worse, the Greycloaks are harassed, even attacked by more rabid worshipers of Heironeious and St. Cuthbert whenever, and wherever, they may cross paths. To the Church of Heironeious, Wee Jas is sin incarnate, a symbol of dark depravity that must be blotted out lest good folk be drawn astray. Followers of St. Cuthbert see the Cabal as twisting and corrupting Law for their own, wicked ends. For their part, the Keepers offer no insult to the clerics of Heironeous or St. Cuthbert and attempt to withdraw rather than fight, seeing them rather as misguided zealots unworthy of violating their order’s adherence to Law and Neutrality.

The Keepers serve various purposes within the Cabal beyond funeral rites. Frequently, Greycloaks are used as a more subtle tool than the more militant Crimson Legion (the templars of the Cabal). Tasked with enforcing the Cabal’s custodianship of the dead and the lawful, responsible use of magic, particularly necromancy, Greycloaks are called upon to act as the Cabal’s secret police, hunting down and bringing to justice those who willfully violate the laws of the Cabal.
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