Cabal Feats

Now in alphabetical order!!

Arcane Dabbler [General]

Though not a dedicated spellcaster, you have studied arcane principles enough to pick up a few useful cantrips and to understand the concepts behind magical devices.

Prerequisite: Int 13, Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks.

Benefit: You gain detect magic and prestidigitation at will as a wizard of your character level. In addition, Use Magic Device is now a class skill for you.

Between the Lines [General]

You are capable of guiding casual conversations to trick others into revealing hidden information without them really being aware of it.

Prerequisites: Int 15, Cha 15.

Benefit: Simply by talking to an individual for a few minutes you can pick up information without them being aware of it. Make an Intelligence check versus a base DC set by the DM based on the importance of the information to the character (DC 10 for personal information such as name, home, and hobbies; DC 15 for the location of where they keep valuables; DC 20 for passwords and other sensitive information; DC 25 for closely held secrets) plus the target’s Wisdom modifier. Use of this ability can only be used to learn one thing from a person per day, and continuous use of this ability on the same target may result in higher DCs or hostility from the target, at the DM’s discretion.

Bookworm [General]

Through extended training, practice, and many nights poring over books and scrolls by candlelight, you’ve developed quite a skill for speed reading and putting principles together.

Prerequisites: Int 15, Minor Loophole, base Will save +3 bonus.

Benefit: The research time required to discover new loopholes or to develop new spells is reduced to 1/2 the normal time.

Censure Demons [General]

Creatures born of raw chaos and evil, Demons are an affront to Wee Jas and all of her followers. Through painstaking research, certain powerful words of Law have been found to give even powerful demons pause.

Prerequisites: Words of Law.

Benefit: You can utter words of censure that may Daze a demon within 30’. The demon must succeed on a Will Save, DC= 10+1/2 your character level + your Charisma Modifier, or be dazed for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma Modifier. The demon is entitled to a new save each round. You can use this ability a number of times per day = 3 + your Charisma Modifier.

Censure Slaadi [General]

Spawned of the raw chaos of Limbo, slaadi embody all that Law opposes. Great words of Law have been passed down from The Stern Lady and now grant an extra measure of power over the anarchy of the Slaad.

Prerequisites: Words of Law.

Benefit: You can utter words of censure that may Stun a slaad within 30’. The slaad must succeed on a Will Save, DC= 10+1/2 your character level + your Charisma Modifier, or be stunned for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma Modifier. You can use this ability a number of times per day = 3 + your Charisma Modifier.

Corpse Strike [General] Wee Jas commands the gateway between life and death and the laws that govern passage through that gateway. Occasionally those laws are broken, and the Stern Lady grants her followers the power to enforce her will.

Prerequisites: One other Cabal feat.

Benefit: Once per day, you may imbue a your melee weapon with the power of Wee Jas. It glows with a red light equal to a torch. You may make a number of attacks with the weapon equal to your Constitution Modifier before the light fades. So long as the light remains, your attacks ignore the Damage Reduction of any undead creature you strike. A missed attack still uses up a “charge.”
If a number of rounds equal to your Constitution Modifier passes, or the imbued weapon leaves your hand, the light immediately fades, ending the effect.

Dead Truce [General]

You have a pact with the undead that prevents unprovoked hostility by either side. When you take advantage of that pact, you may pass among the undead unmolested.

Prerequisites: Death Domain

Benefit: Mindless undead, those without an Intelligence ability score, will not attack you. They recognize you as one of their own and ignore you. If you attack them, however, they will react appropriately. This protection only applies to you, not to any companions that are with you.

Death of Undeath [General]

You have gained the ability to disrupt the flow of negative energy animating the undead.

Prerequisites: Snuff the Flame special ability.

Benefit: Your Snuff the Flame death touch special ability can be used against the undead, as well as living creatures, extinguishing the energies that animate them.

Decay Embraced [General]

You opt to deny magical healing as an affront to the inevitability of death. You believe that those who “heal” themselves on a regular basis only invite their inevitable decay to grind harder against them, much like building a sandcastle against the incoming tide.

Prerequisites: none.

Benefit: You gain a luck bonus equal to 1 + 1 per five character levels to add to saving throws and Armor Class, but you must resist any healing spell or effect cast upon you, attempting a saving throw and using spell resistance if possible. In addition, you may not cast spells with the healing descriptor or use magic items for healing or you lose this feat permanently.

Dedicated Focus [General]

You are able to block out your surroundings and focus on a single task.

Prerequisites: Int 15, any lawful alignment.

Benefit: Once per day by stating your actions for a single round you enter a trance and increase the likelihood of performing the actions successfully. One round is needed to enter and leave the trance; during the trance you are unable to react to your surroundings (giving you a -5 penalty to AC) or change your specified action. On the second round you perform the stated action and are able to make a number of rerolls on checks equal to your Intelligence modifier. These rerolls may be used for any roll related to the specified action including overcoming spell resistance, damage rolls, or checks to avoid being distracted. Each re-roll replaces the roll that preceded it.

Special: You may take this feat multiple times, gaining an additional usage of the ability each time.

Entropic Understanding [General, Fighter]

Everything has a weak point; everything can be broken down. You have an intrinsic understanding of entropy and decay, and have learn to apply these principles to even the most resilient foes.

Prerequisite: Improved Sift, base attack bonus +4

Benefit: Choose one creature type that is normally not subject to critical hits (such as constructs,oozes, plants, or undead). You may now inflict critical hits on these types of creatures with your attacks normally. This does not enable sneak attacks, or other abilities that do not affect creatures not subject to critical hits.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Each time you take this feat, it applies to another type of creature.

Evaluating the Outcome [General]

While all agree there is a rule to determine every outcome, no one goes their life without encountering a situation where something just didn’t go as it should have. By recognizing these anomalies, however, some are actually able to correct the results.

Prerequisites: Int 15, Probability Manipulation, base Will save +5 bonus, Knowledge (any 1) 6 ranks.

Benefit: Upon observing the outcome of a single action, you can determine whether it should or should not have succeeded based on the evidence at hand. Upon observing the act performed you must immediately explain as a free action why it should or shouldn’t have worked with some possible, if improbable, explanation. You may then add or subtract your Intelligence modifier from the check after you know whether it was successful, thus possibly changing the result. You may only use this ability once per encounter. This is a supernatural ability usable three times per day.

Extra Death Touch [General]

You have learned to channel Wee Jas’s power over life and death to greater extent.

Prerequisites: Snuff the Flame special ability, base Will Save +3.

Benefit: You gain one additional use of your Snuff the Flame special ability per day.

Special: This feat may be selected up to two times, each time it is selected you gain an additional use of your Death Touch special ability, with a maximum of 3 times per day.

Improved Sift [General]

Your connection to the forces of entropy is so strong you can witness the events leading to a target’s destruction.

Prerequisite: Sift.

Benefit: When using the Sift ability, you perceive the object’s destruction as if you were there by making a successful Wisdom check (DC 12 + one per month that has passed). If you succeed, you can witness the events prior to the destruction of the object for one minute plus an additional minute for every two points by which your check result exceeds the DC. If you wish to witness the destruction of an object that occurred years or centuries ago, you must spend ten minutes concentrating on the object and make a Wisdom check as before, except the DC increases by one per century that has passed since the object’s destruction. This is a supernatural ability.

Improved Snuff the Flame [General] You have focused on the tenuous connection between life and death, and Wee Jas has granted you the ability to seperate the two with frightening ease.

Prerequisites: Snuff the Flame, access to the Death Domain, you must have Wee Jas as your patron deity.

Benefit: When you use your death touch, you roll 1d8 per character level instead of 1d6.

Lawful Insight [General]

Your understanding of the inherent order of all things allows you to defend yourself against some of the randomness of battle.

Prerequisites: Any lawful alignment.

Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your Intelligence Modifier, you may add your Intelligence Modifier to your Armor Class as an Insight Bonus. This is done as an Immediate Action, and must be declared after an attack is declared but before the result of the attack roll is know.

Lawful Spellcasting [General, Wizard]

You have learned a thing or two about lawful and chaotic spells.

Prerequisite: Lawful alignment, Knowledge(Arcana) 3 ranks.

Benefit: Spells with the “Lawful” designator cast by you have their saving throw DC increased by 2. Yougain a +2 to saves vs spells with the “Chaotic” designator.

Special: Wizards my purchase this feat with one of their bonus feats.

Lockdown [General, Fighter]

Through your experience in capturing offenders against order, you’ve learned how to restrain opponents in the blink of an eye.

Prerequisites: Quick Draw, base attack bonus +4.

Benefit: When you have grappled an opponent, you may attach a restraining device (such as manacles or collar) when succeeding at an opposed grapple check instead of pinning or damaging your opponent. You do not need to have the device ready – you merely need to have it within reach after beginning the grapple.

Minor Loophole [General]

In understanding the multiverse, you learn the laws of reality, and how to get around them. One of the most important steps in a member’s rise through the Cabal is learning how to exploit the lessons learned and create their own loopholes in the laws of the multiverse.

Prerequisites: Int 15, base Will save +3 bonus.

Benefit: You may research loopholes in the laws of the multiverse, allowing you to duplicate an arcane spell of a level equal to half your character level (maximum of a 4th level spell) as a spell-like ability cast by a wizard equal to your character level at the time you gain this feat (or learn of the loophole). You may use this ability a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier + 1d4. The DM should roll and keep track of this number secretly. After you use it that number of times, the multiverse seals that loophole off and the ability may no longer be used.

Special: Upon taking this feat, you automatically learn one minor loophole. To learn a new loophole, you must research it for a number of days equal to twice the level of the spell, expend 500 gold per day of research, and make a successful Knowledge (arcana) check (DC 10 + spell level). You may never learn a loophole duplicating the same spell twice.

Parting the Veil [General]

Your devotion to the greater forces in the multiverse has brought new revelations on the mysteries of the planes, allowing you to manipulate divine energy more fluidly.

Prerequisite: Knowledge (religion) 6 ranks, access to a cleric domain.

Benefit: You no longer need to prepare domain spells beforehand, you may spontaneously choose either of your domain spells of the appropriate level as your domain spell as the spell is cast.

Probability Manipulation [General]

In your quest to understand the intrinsic laws of the multiverse, you have learned how to “bend” the laws affecting an outcome.

Prerequisite: Int 15. Knowledge (any 1) 3 ranks

Benefit: You may choose to add a +2 or -2 to any attack roll, damage roll, caster level check, or skill check made by a character within 60 ft. of you as a free action at any time during the round. To use this ability, you simply must observe the action about to be performed and comment on the statistical probability of it succeeding. This ability must be used before the die is rolled and may be used a number of times per day equal to half your Intelligence modifier. It can only be used once per round.

Ruby Dagger [General]

By channeling your connection to Wee Jas, you can imbue your dagger with a portion of the power of her dagger, Discretion, the signature weapon of the Stern Lady.

Prerequisites: One other Cabal feat.

Benefit: Once a day you may imbue a masterwork dagger bearing the symbol of Wee Jas with either the Axiomatic or the Brilliant Energy special quality for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma Modifier (minimum 1 round).

Sift [General]

Your affinity for death and decay gives you insight into its manifestations, allowing you to divine information on what destroyed a given object or killed a creature.

Prerequisites: none.

Benefit: By taking a full-round action and making physical contact with a destroyed object or dead body, you can automatically tell what caused the object to break apart, down to the type of damage and what sort of implement or spell was used to inflict it, though not what specific object or person inflicted the damage. For example, you may be able to identify that a greatsword or necromancy spell killed the target, but not the specific greatsword or the caster’s identity. If the destruction was magical in nature, a Spellcraft check is required to identify the spell as if you were witnessing the spell being cast.

Snuff the Flame [General]

While many followers of Wee Jas seek to command power over life and death, you are particularly adept at determining the moment at which a creature’s life should end.

Prerequisites: You must have Wee Jas as your patron deity.

Benefit: You may use a death touch once per day. Your death touch is a supernatural ability that produces a death effect. You must succeed on a melee touch attack against a living creature (using the rules for touch spells). When you touch, roll 1d6 per character level you possess. If the total at least equals the creature’s current hit points (above 0), it dies (no save).

Static Spell [Metamagic]

Your devotion to the principles of order allows you to lace your spells with the structure of law andremove any variables from the equation.

Prerequisite: Any lawful alignment.

Benefit: This feat adds the lawful descriptor to a spell. Furthermore, all die rolls are determined by their average value rather than being rolled for random effect. To determine the results for damage, duration, etc., multiply the values provided by the chart below by the number of dice normally rolled and round down. Thus a fireball that deals 8d6 fire damage would cause 28 points of fire damage. This metamagic feat does not effect the level of the spell it is applied to.
Die Result: D3: 1.5; D4: 2.5; D6: 3.5; D8: 4.5; D10: 5.5; D12: 6.5; D20: 10.5; D100: 50.5

Special: This feat cannot be applied to spells with the chaotic descriptor.

The Cabal’s Blessing [General]

The followers of Wee Jas strive to remove as much randomness from the multiverse as possible, and the Stern Lady supports their endeavors, protecting her followers by minimizing the whims of chance.

Prerequisites: none.

Benefit: Once a day, you may “Take 10” on a saving throw. You must decide to use this feat before the saving throw is rolled. If, through some means, you know the DC of the saving throw, you may not use this ability.

The Cabal’s Chosen [General]

You are a chosen member of the Cabal, watched over by the higher authorities in Wee Jas’s name, secure in the knowledge that you will not falter.

Prerequisites: The Cabal’s Blessing

Benefit: Once per day, you may attempt another saving throw against an ongoing effect, even if it does not normally allow another save to end the effect. If you have already failed a secondary save to end an ongoing effect, you may try the saving throw again in the same round with this feat.

Special: Additionally, you may use The Cabal’s Chosen to “Take 10” on the saving throw, even if you now know the DC for the saving throw.

Ward of the Faithful [General]

Through your faith in Wee Jas and the knowledge that you will not be called to her side before your time, you are better able to resist effects that would end your life early.

Prerequisites: None

Benefit: You gain a +4 Insight bonus on saves against death effects, energy drain, ability drain, and saves to remove negative levels.

Word of Authority [Genral]

You have deepened your research into powerful words of law and order, discovering truly mighty words among the ancient manuscripts. Only with the proper understanding may such power be wielded, but you have persevered and earned the right.

Prerequisites: Words of Law, Will Save bonus +5

Benefit: You may utter a single word of awesome authority once per day per 5 character levels you possess against a single creature that can hear you. You do not need to speak the creature’s language, nor does the creature need to possess language, the word of authority transcends such barriers. The target creature must make a Will saving throw DC=10 + 1/2 your character level + your Intelligence modifier or suffer one of the following effects: Stunned for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier
Nauseated for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence modifier
Paralyzed for 1 round
Unconscious for 1 round

Words of Law [General]

Intense study has revealed to you powerful words of law and order.

Prerequisites: Lawful Alignment.

Benefit: A number of times per day equal to your Intelligence Modifier, you may utter powerful words of law. Creatures of Chaotic Alignment within 30’ must make a Will Save DC = 10 +1/2 your level + Int Mod or be shaken for a number of rounds equal to your Intelligence Modifier.

Special: Creatures of the Chaotic Subtype (such as demons and slaadi) are immune to these words of law.

Cabal Feats

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