Black Bart

Black Bart is a violent criminal convicted of strangling several men with his bare hands during his infamous criminal career on Istivin’s streets. Among the contingent escorted by the Greycloaks, Black Bart initially opposed the Keeper’s efforts to take them to Blackwall Keep, and several times attempted to organize a mutiny.

His feelings seemed to change when the Keepers rescued a blinded half-elf girl from several goblins. Black Bart took to her as something of a foster daughter as he began to realize what the rangers, and his fellow convicts were putting on the line by serving at Blackwall Keep.

Black Bart distinguishes himself in Episode 13, and fights bravely against the orcs in Episode 15. In Episode 17 he is slain by the dragon as he attempted to defend Astrid from its depredations.

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Black Bart

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