Crimson Legion

The Crimson Legion is the militant arm of the Cabal of Wee Jas. Legionaires defend the Cabal’s interests, temples, and less militant members from the perils of the outside world. Each Legionaire is a formidable combatant in their own right, but trained as they are to work together, a unit of Legionaires is a nearly irrestistable force. Members are drawn from the elite of local military or militia forces, often from retirees and officer corps. A few, such as the Red Hand monks are trained from an early age for a place among the Legions.

Most legionaires are Fighter/Wizard/Spellswords, though the Red Hand monks are always Monk/Sorcerors, often taking levels in Enlightened Fist when they qualify. Each unit of the Legion also has an experienced, veteran cleric as spiritual and tactical leader.

Perhaps the Legion’s most powerful tool is the special magical ritual each member of a unit undergoes. This ritual links the minds of each Legionaire with those of his comrades, allowing them to act with unparalleled coordination.

With the animosity shown the Cabal by the churches of St. Cuthbert and Heironeous, many say that the presence of the Legion, and its legendary strengths, has served as the major deterrant preventing those military and zealous organizations calling a crusade against the Cabal.

Currently, Arrad is the leader of the Crimson Legion in Istivin.

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Crimson Legion

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