Jakardos is an artificer, Imperium scholar, and military engineer stationed at Blackwall Keep. Apparently Jakardos was discovered engaging in an illicit affair with a nobleman’s wife. In order to avoid scandal ect. the nobleman had Jakardos stationed in as far away and dangerous a place as he could think of – Blackwall Keep.

The remote post has had an unexpected benefit for Jakardos: he has been able to devote a previously unheard of amount of time to collecting and researching the Imperium relics that occasionally surface in remote areas like the Blackwall Mountains.

One of Jakardos’s associates, Lazare, a scholar in Diamond Lake, recommended that the Greycloaks seek him out for answers regarding the mystery of 31E37. While at the Keep, they learned little actually regarding 31E, however they learned much about the mysterious Clockwork Beetle that 31E carries, as well as locating a replacement leg for the automaton.

Jakardos makes his appearance in Episode 16, and meets his untimely end in Episode 17

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